Find High School Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Find prom hairstyles for short hair with pictures, tips, preparing advice, accessories and more to make the most of your short hair styles for prom.

Many short hair styles for prom can be made just as gorgeous as girls with longer hair.

prom hairstyles for short hair half up half down
prom hairstyles for short hair for black girls
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Playful Colors

Rather you'd like to express the the color of your dress, or feel the need to represent school spirit for some of you high school seniors, this look will stand you at great attention with the look of these instant and playful highlights.

This really cool and unique look is one of the prom hairstyles for short hair that can be easily achieved with temporary hair dye or colored clip in extensions. The colors can be mached to the color of your prom dress, to really make you stand out from the rest!

prom hairstyles for short hair

Loose Body Curls

Create loose body curls in a matter of minutes. This is one of the prom hairstyles for short hair which can be achieved by using a 1"inch ceramic curling iron. Highlights are optional but if applied correctly with your overall look, can be non-basic yet very glamorous and absolutely stunning just as the pic above.

End the style by applying an anti-frizz serum to tame those unruly flyaways.

prom hairstyles for short hair for prom queen

Glamorous Waves

Beach waves appear very glamorous in its own way with it's wet and wavy stare.

There are many ways that one can create a look of aquatic and glamorous looking waves, with the appropriate and skilled use of salt spray, setting lotion, styling gel, and even with your curling irons will have the ability to create a stylish wave pattern. This style will look superb on girls with short Bobs.

Accessories will become a major factor when creating prom hairstyles for short hair. They will make the style appear comprehensive and complete, so be sure to not only accessorize, but accessorize it the right way.

prom hairstyles for short hair for wavy hair

Baby Doll Curls

prom hairstyles for short hair with spiral curls

Extensions/Hair Piece

The look of this hair style can be achieved simply by adding hair extensions or even a curly hair piece to your hair. Hair pieces are usually made with a stretchable band and sewn in attachable comb for secure hold.

This allows you to pin your hair back into a small chigon(bun), and clamp the curly hair piece around it. You can slick your hair back using styling gel such as the young lady in this image. You have the option of wearing it with a part or no part at all. Either or will be just as stylish, and neat looking.

prom hairstyles for short hair 2012

Hair Extensions/Hair Piece

If you do not plan to work with a previous preferred stylist of your own, be sure to take some of the following recommendations into great consideration, when selecting a new one.

Most girls will obviously have a particular look in mind when selecting their prom hairstyles for short hair. Whatever look that is, be sure to locate a hairdresser who can accommodate you well, and this can be done by going to a stylist who is recognized for their creative cuts and styles of your liking.

  • Pre-appointment Consultation
  • Once you have found a potential stylist, make an appointment to consult with him/her about what you envision for your prom hair. Be sure to show up with pictures of styles you’ve seen, and a picture of your potential dress if possible. Consideration of the dress when consulting with your stylist is very important as well, due to the detailing of the dress. The outlook from your stylist of what may or may not be overpowering, is very important as well.

  • Be clear and open
  • Be very articulate and receptive to your stylist opinion, when explaining and receiving feedback on what he/she thinks of the look you wish to achieve. Acknowledge that a good hairstylist is confident, talented, and gifted with their magical and creative hands with what they do.

    The only thing you need to do is be clear of what you envision, and the stylist will know the exact styling products, and cutting techniques, to apply for producing the look you desire. Avoid telling a well talented stylist on which products or cutting techniques you wish for them to use, as some stylist may do this just to please and make you happy and the end result may not be what you initially had in mind. Remain open, and less confusing as they know just what to do to get the hairstyle,you wish to flow, feel, and shine just like the picture you’ve presented.

Master the Style

One of the best ways to prepare when styling a look of prom hairstyles for short hair  is to simply master it. And what that means is to become practical with the hairstyle by practicing it three to six months in advanced with your professional hairstylist.

This piece of advice has been proven to be very beneficial, as it is a great way of allotting you time to become comfortable with the style by knowing just what to expect prior to making any prom hairstyles for short hair final.

If doing this is within your budget, go for it, as you will be able to try on your accessories, shoes, dress and make up combined together. This creates for a 99.9% towards perfection of the overall look you’ve envisioned.

  • Makeup w/ hair
  • During the process of perfecting your overall hairstyle, take a trip to the mall, and head on over to the makeup counters for a free make over. Be sure that the artist writes all products down that were applied to your face.

    Bring your mother, older sister or whoever is helping you prepare for your High School prom, to get an opinion from two sets of eyes.

    If it is the case that you may be going to a full service salon, it may be helpful to have the makeup artist at the salon, do your make up instead as everyone along with your hairstylist at the shop will be on the same page. I recommend some of the popular cosmetic stores such as Sephora, MAC, and Ulta.

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