Punk short hairstyles

Punk short hairstyles, also recognized as indie hair is a common and popular style for both boys and girls of the punk culture.

You will often witness a group of these kids footing around at rock concerts, movie theaters, schools and other related places. Both men and women who belong to this group will often keep a length of short hair, styled into short cut patches, designed with Poka-dot patterns, rings and even a complete shaved head or shaved patterns.

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Uneven Deep Layers

The sole purpose of maintaining a look of short punk hair was for it to appear as unnatural as possible, and as a result of its awkward designs and loud colors in which it carries.

Below are some of the various ways a person can color their hair, as well as the different styling options you may consider.

punk short hairstyles

Types of Mohawks....

Mohawks: A short Mohawk is one of the most common looks amongst the group of punk short hairstyles today. This look consists of hair being shaved on both sides of the head, but remains longest at the crown. The required styling products based upon this trend will require styling gel, and or freezing spray at the necessary degree of maximum strength.

Faux Hawk: This is similar to the original Mohawk, as the detailing of this style entails trimming on both sides of the head with distinctive spikes in the middle. The style has been recently witnessed on the famous David Beckham. The required styling means for this look would be gels, and freezing spray.

Reverse Hawk: is opposite to the primary Mohawk. As opposed to the hair standing straight up the center like the conventional Mohawk, this particular hawk entails two even chunks of hair that sticks out on the sides, with a close shave at the crown. Required styling products consist of gels, and freezing spray.

Triple Hawk: This style consist with three sections of the hair, styled into three small Mohawks. The small spikes are placed in the middle measuring about two to three inches apart, and secured with freezing spray. This specific Mohawk is also sometimes referred to as a tri-hawk, due to its three sections of hair.

Mohawk punk short hairstyles

Funky Animal Prints

Leopard print: is one of the hair trends which is a common punk short hairstyles, called the “cue ball”. The length of this unique style measures at just less than a half of inch. Punk boys and girls will usually incorporate a design of leopard or circles of some sort to complete this look.

punk short hairstyles
punk short hairstyles
punk short hairstyles
punk short hairstyles


Styling Details:

This is one of the punk short hairstyles with a unique fringe(bangs) swept to the side in the back. You can easily accomplish this style by adding a dime size drop of styling gel to your damp hair. Be sure that the hair is 80 percent dry and 20% wet which is what stylist consider's to be damp.

Using your fine tooth comb, proceed by persuading the sides to rest flat behind the ears. Comb hair up at the crown. In many cases, stylist will end with a finishing spray for maximum hold.

Two tone punk short hairstyles

Styling Details:

Approach this sexy yet sultry and short punk hair style by styling it with holding spray and applying it to 100% freshly cleansed and dry hair.

Hair that is already cut such as this style will have the ability to imitate it much better.

Get the instant look of black hair color for your bangs, with the use of black colored clip in extenions or any color of your choice, and the look of this style, will still rock!

Barbie Pink

Styling Details:

This voluminous look is very punk and very girly looking at the same time.

The back has an electrifying appearance with the use of extra hold styling spray and diffuser. Apply a barbie looking hot pink color to the bangs will make the style really complete and stylish. 

punk short hairstyles
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