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Our short black hair styles, aka african american short hairstyles, is ultimate for women with african textured hair. Browse the following below to see how to craft these black short hair styles, and make a stylish statement!

Popular Short black hairstyles

Below are some of the most common, and very popular, and traditional short hairstyles, which have been witnessed upon African Americans for years........

Pixie Cuts:

The look of this signature trim is often witnessed among women with very short tresses, which is hair that stops just above the ear in length, or either medium to short in length. This particular cut will consists of the hair remaining short in both the rear, and sides, and longest at the crown.

Spiked Pixie:

With this cut you can create the illusion of an electrifying stare by fabricating sharp spikes within the hair. This look is very similar to creating flips such as the featured hairstyle to the right. The only difference is that the ends will not bend, they will remain pointed. Always begin with clean hair and finish with freezing spray and oil sheen for maximum hold and luster.

Short Bobs

Whether it’s an uneven asymmetrical short Bob, or a mushroom shaped sculpted cut bob, one could never go wrong with this classic short trim. This is in fact a common short style among the community of black hair for women. It’s very universal, and accommodates any job environment, lifestyle, or special occasion.

Most Bobs will afford well on women with well defined faces. Such Bobs can be worn with a center or side part, with the option of straight bangs, or a side fringe. Always be sure to start with clean hair, and finish with shine such as oil sheen. Avoid hair grease as this will weigh the hair down and detract from its desired, movement.

Layered Bob: Can be achieved by incorporating various lengths of layers into the hair, versus the bob remaining at the usual one length precision styled trim. Finish with oil sheen for added shine.

Short Curly Crop: Depending on the length of short black hair styles, you can even dress your short bob up, by adding a head full of casual curls.

This is good for providing an appearance of having a more dolled up or even formal look. This works great for many evening events which may ery well require the attendance of a dressier appearance.

Precision Cut: is the normal trim, which contains no layers, curls, or flips. The cut is very accurate in style, due to the effect of its perfect and precise cutting edge results.

Essential Hair care

Women with the texture of short African-American hair will need to understand the basic essentials for the management of proper hair care. Consider the following tips for necessary maintenance, and make the most out of your short black hair styles.

  • Shampoo and deep condition every 2 weeks
  • Always keep the ends of your short black hair styles trimmed, to alleviate the stare of split ends.
  • Always be sure that you or your stylist uses a heat protecting spray before styling with hot irons
  • Mist hair once daily with moisturizing oil to prevent the development of dry brittle hair
  • Tie hair up every night before bed, using a silk scarf, satin cap, or lying on a satin made pillow case.


  • Less hair to be styled and much easier to manage
  • Cooler to wear during the summer seasons as the hair remains up and away from the back and neck
  • Less hair to be chemically straightened, flat ironed, or hot combed prior to styling
  • Less expensive to have it professionally styled, as there is less hair to work with
  • Reduces the appearance of frizz, and the kinky like texture in which African- Americans will carry
  • Demands less styling products to be used
  • Less prone to tangling


  • Less styling options due to less hair being involved
  • Frequent trimmings at the salon to keep the ends of short black hair styles looking healthy and neat

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