Short Black Hairstyles, with Products and Tips to Maintain a Fresh Salon Look! 

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Short black hairstyles are sassy, sharp and easy to finger comb. The essentials to maintaining it will demand your hair to be moisturized, and wrapped, with a brush and go type look.

The amount of maintenance that many short black hairstyles will require depends on the type of cut you have.

This Page Will Assist You With..........

  • Pictures 
  • Maintenance Tips for Sleeping at Night 
  • Styling Products for Humidity and Exercise 
  • Advice before making the "Big Chop"
  • Growing out your existing short hair style 

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Hair By: Tavia K.            Miami, FL

Hair By: Tavia K.            Miami, FL

Hair By: Tavia K.            Miami, FL

Hair By: Tavia K.            Miami, FL

Hair By: Tavia K.            Miami, FL

Hair By: Tavia K.            Miami, FL

Hair By: Tavia K.            Miami, FL

Hair By: Tavia K.             Miami, FL

Hair By: Tavia K.            Miami, FL

Hair By: Tavia K.            Miami, FL

Hair By: Tavia K.            Miami, FL

Hair by Matrice Clevland, OH

Nodja Stylist 216 Cleavland ,OH

 Icons Hair Studio Chula Vista, CA

 Icons Hair Studio Chula Vista, CA

               Hair by Julissa O             New York, NY

Hair by: Kystal Nicole Sandy Spring, GA

Hair by: Terry G Glenarden, MD

Hair by: Julissa O               New York, NY 

Styles by: Cutting Edge Hair Spa Upper Marlboro, MD

            Hair by: Ona                 Monclair NJ

Styled By: Hair under Construction Salon      Scottsdale AZ

Hair By: Class of Beauty Baltimore MD

Hair by: Nodja Stylist 216   Cleavland OH

 Hair By: A class of beauty Baltimore MD

Hair by: Cutting Edge Hair Spa Upper Marlboro MD

Hair by: Adrian Tabb Little Rock AR (Front View)

Hair By: Dedric D. Chicago, IL

Hair by: Anther Rolle Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Photo by: John Brice Photography

Hair by: Adrian Tabb Little Rock AR (Rear View)

Hair by: Dedric D. Chicago, IL

              Hair by: Ona                 Monclair NJ

Hair By:  C2 Mr CB Willis    Wilmington, DE

Hair by: Mika Styles Me 

Baltimore MD

 Hair by: J Miles Salon      Atlanta, GA

        Hair by: AJ Styles            Winter Park, FL

        Beauty Inceptions              Boston, MA

Hair by: Adrian Tabb        Little Rock AR 

Considering the Big Chop?

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If it’s your first time making the big chop, having a hard time adjusting to it will be normal. A simple yet effective way to remedy this is two options.............

1. You can have your desired hair style created into a quick weave created by your stylists


2. Purchase a Pre-styled wig similar to the style you want, and rock this for a while before making the actual Chop.

The above suggestions is the most accurate way to give you an idea as to rather or not you like a particular style against your face. 

Maintenance Tips and Sleeping............

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Short black hairstyles, require some women to get their hair re-done as often as once per week, but average is every two weeks, with a Relaxer (perm) every 6-8 weeks. 

Below are some tried and tested maintenance tips to maintain your short tresses in between your next appointment. 

  • Choose your hats aligned with silk when buying them  
  • Avoid wool scarves as it may cause pinching at the nape 
  • Use neck strips when wrapping your hair before sitting under the dryer. Doing this prevents your hair from waving up

Prevent Creasing caused by tying your hair down with scarves. Creases will come with the price of having short hair.  

Consider three of these Tried and Tested solutions..............

  1. Wrap hair before bed with either a stocking cap(wig cap). Next, tie it down again with a satin scarf over the stocking cap
  2. Wrap the back of your head with wrapping strips made out of mesh, and go around it again tying it down with a silk scarf on top
  3. Wrap hair at night with the mesh "Velcro Wrap"  to avoid flat irioning your hair every morning. Its optional, to tie a scarf over top of this as well 

Hair Issues and Styling Products........ Tried and Tested!

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  • Flaking and Reverting.........Try Redken's Wax Blast Spray which also provides body on short black hairstyles.
  • Choppy and Piecy look.......Try Paul Mitchell xtg Glue. Great for styling pixies, and a little goes a long way.
  • Repair and Nourish........Try Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste. The consistency is a paste and is perfect for texturizing, piecing, adding  volume, and even molding
  • Hot Weather and Exercise.........Try Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade for maintaining short black hairstyles in hot climates and exercising. This product keeps your roots straight when working out and prevents you from having to re-apply heat to your hair. 
  • KeraCare Wax Stick...........Great for slicking the back before tying your hair down at night. This keeps it smooth as if you just walked out of the shop

Growing  Out Short Black Hairstyles..........

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  1. Keeping ends clipped on a regular is the easiest way to start the regrowth of short hair    
  2. Avoid heat such as curling irons and blow dryers. You should wrap and air dry your hair when growing it out 

Vitamins and Herbal Supplements such as...............

  • Vitamin B6 
  • Biotin- Thickens hair 
  • Silica Horsetail- Lengthens hair. 
  • Viviscal- Lengthens, Thickens and provides shine all in one. You will notice your edges growing within a week. The ingredients in this product has a  track record for growing out black women’s hair more than any other hair type. 
  • MSM- A supplement for joints but has the positive side effect of growing out short black hairstyles 

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