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Short bob haircuts were popularized and changed as a part of the hair fashion industry around the flapper times. A short bob haircut, short skirts, and lots of makeup is what the group of women would wear, known as the flappers.

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short bob haircut

short bob haircuts

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Page Boy Bob

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During the 1926 and 1927 era, the women in those times would reference to the length of this particular bob as the “Eton crop”, because it would mimic the shape of a cloche hat.

A series of most head- hugging haircuts and styles today such as some of the short bob hair cuts were inspired by Hollywood film stars such as Greta Garbo.

Greta Garbo is a Hollywood star who was recognized for her bob known as the “page boy”.

The “page boy” is another type of bob, which consist of bangs along with blunt trimmed ends, and do not have the tapered neck. The page boy, have been seen on women with longer hair as well such as women with medium to long hair in length.

Cap Shape Bob

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There will always be new and trendy looking Bobs out and on the rise in the hair industry such as this one.

The best way to request the desired look of a short bob when sitting in the chair of your professional hair stylist, is to simply convey that you would like the length of your short bob to land at the mid section of your ear.

Anything longer than that would make the stare of your short bob considered medium length which is the traditional way that women today will sport it.

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Face shape and Compatibility

  • Square face: Women with the shape of a cubed face are most compatible with the length of this particular short bob. A short bob hair cut which lands preferably just above the lining of one’s jaw, will be ultimate for women with a squared shaped face.
  • Oblong face: Those with oblong/ long faces are advised to keep their short bob haircut right above chin length. This will minimize the parallel stare of having an extremely long face, as it promotes width on the sides giving it more thickness.
  • Round face: Women with circular shaped faces should steer clear from short bob cuts. The length of this short style tends to make the appearance of the face and cheeks chubbier than what it is.

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