Short Bob Hairstyles will Accentuate Your Neck Giving you a Sexy, Conservative, Versatile and Grown Up Look!

Short bob hairstyles with high-quality looks and flexibility is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of it's style.

Cruising around in a convertible when the wind is blowing is what may be ideal, and a hair tie to create a short ponytail is all you will need to uphold this classic look. 

Classic Asymmetry 

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Short bob hairstyles such as this asymmetrical cut is the most common of them all. It is an everyday look and can have texture such a curls or waves added just to make it a bit more glamorous. 

If you’re worried about a bob not suiting you the good news is that this hairstyle can be customized to suit anyone's physical attributes. 

Subtle Highlights

The idea of retaining short hair while optioning for the traditional look of a short bob, will generally measure at the bottom of your ear lobe, and rarely does it ever exceed any longer.

Some women prefer not to have their short bob hairstyles appearing flat around the bottom. If that's you consider highlights to make it a bit neater. 

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Relaxed Afro Hair

Honestly, the classic bob the lands just past the chin while landing slightly longer on the other side of your face without bangs is my all time favorite. 

This particular short Bob will feature an internal curve going inwards into the hair. The ends of the hair will have the appearance of a head hugging shape around the face and neck. A portion of the hair on the side may fall longer in length towards the front of the hair.

Showing off your neck with a professional white high collard shirt gives attitude, personality and confidence to your overall appearance.  

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More Bobs You May Like.....

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Angular Short Bobs: this particular Bob features the ends of deep tapering (thinning) within both sides of the hair including a forward style/front angle. Also referred to a as an “A-line” Bob.

Stacked Short Bobs: This is also referred to as the “graduated Bob”. The detailing of this short bob will involve deep layers in the back of the head, stacked on top of one another. The outcome results in the appearance of additional height at the crown, and fullness around the neck.

Short Cap Bob: this is a classic all-around one length Bob, and is fairly equivalent with the shape of a head hugging stretchable type winter cap. It measures accurately equal in length, starting from ear to ear, and front to back.

short hair styles bob short hair styles bob short hair styles bob

Asymmetrical short bob hairs styles will generally appear lop sided in length, as one side of the hair displays longer than the opposite side. This particular short bob hair style will usually include a side part, or a stylish fringe (bangs). The choice is yours.

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