short bridal hairstyles

Find short bridal hairstyles to bring out your best, for the most important and biggest day of your life.

Updo w/Bun

short bridal hair

Planning for the big day can be very stressful prior to your actual wedding date. From selecting the perfect dress, to selecting the ideal hairstyle for both the bride and bridesmaid can be very delicate.

Styling Details:

A stylish and well groomed look of an updo can easily be created in a few ways. Depending on just how short your tresses exist, will be a factor for creating this look with your own hair. This style is best on women who carry a length of medium to short hair.

A second option is to use a hair peice. The combination of the highlights and a bun at the top looks stunning.

Tousled Curls w/Bangs

short bridal hairstyles

Many brides with short hair tend to worry about the number of styling options they have when maintaining a length of short hair. The speculation of having limited options when styling the length of short bridal hairstyles is an absolute myth.

Styling Details:

Incorporate a bone straight,or side swept(fringe) onto your hair leaving the rest with short and tousled curls. This style is whats referenced to as being the "two texture" style.

Its side swept bangs can be stylish and beneficial for covering a prominent forehead, or even sudden pimples the day or week of your wedding date.

Short Layered Pixie

bridal hairstyles for short hair

We understand how important it is to the bride that her entire wedding party will all come with a gorgeous glow as they stroll down the aisle.

The pictures you take will live on eternally and forever, and the bridal hairstyle you choose for your short tresses, will make all the difference.

Styling Details:

This short pixie will be the easiest to maintain the day of your wedding. Women who appear tall and have a slinky physique should avoid this particular look as it makes the appearance of the face much smaller. This look will afford well with just about any wedding gown, and choice of accessories.

Messy Updo

short bridal hairstyles updo for beach weddings

Relieve some of your stress, when it comes to the styling of your hair with an effortless and stylish updo. this look is aboslutely perfect for beach weddings.

Styling Details:

If your hair plays in the middle of existing medium to short in length, simply achieve this look by pinning all your hair up into a messy, yet stylish updo.

Add the starfish to your hair to set the tone for the theme of having a beach wedding.

Select hairstyle by Dress Type

Choosing the proper look for short bridal hairstyles, is essential for the finishing touch amongst your overall look. One of the most important things to consider is the designing of the neckline within your dress. Consider some of the essential styling tips to put the experience of styling short bridal hairstyles at ease.

Strapless dress: Our recommendation for any dress that appears to hang freely off the shoulders is to opt for a short asymmetrical bob. The stare of this particular short bridal hair style will blend well from the chest and up. The outlining of the dress allows you to show off your collarbones in an exquisite way.

Asymmetric One Shoulder: Steer-clear from overwhelming the general detailing of the dress, with a simple chic, and sleek looking chignon, which is also known as a “twisted bun”. Style the bun swooping it to the opposite side of your strap. This is one of the very many short hair bridal looks that provide the ability to uncover your beautiful face, as you strut down the aisle. Doing this will put the focus of your make up at great attention, and with that being said, beautifully arched eyebrows, and flawless eye makeup or foundation will be very important.

Scoop Dress: A twisted bun and braided halo would be recommended as one of the short bridal hairstyles for this particular dress. The twisted sleek bun is sometimes referred to as a “chignon”, but better known as a pinned back bun using bobby pins to secure its hold. A demand for hair extensions to create the braid as a head band will be considered necessary. The braid creates the look of the braided halo. The Result is a short bridal bohemian type hairstyle.

Bateau Dress: The neckline of this dress will coordinate in direction with the natural arch of your collarbone. Selecting an elegant updo will be your best option as it affords well with this particular dress, and presents itself very sophisticated.

Jewel Dress: Consider an elegant updo as one of your short wedding hairstyles for the neckline of this particular wedding dress. A hair style that is pulled up and away from the shoulder and face will blend well, with the unique outlining of this gown, as it permits you to showcase the primary detailing of the dress.

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