short curly hair cuts

Find short curly hair cuts, along with short curly hair cut pictures, and tips on how to properly cut women with curly short hair.

Short Ribbon Curls

Haircuts for short curly hair can be one of the trickiest looks to cut and style, as it has its own particularities in the way it performs.

short curly hair cuts with bangs

Styling Details:

Perfectly styled spiral curls gives the vibe of having ribbon curls into your hair.

Women who wish to achieve a look of having a two textured hair style or wish to conceal the appearance of a large forehead, can simply incorporate a fringe(bangs) into their hair.

Short Voluminous Curls

With all the various types of applied cutting techniques, each method will create different results, particularly on curly or wavy hair, versus the reception of getting the same results when cutting straight hair.

short curly hair cuts 2012

Styling Details:

Depending on just how short your hair really appears, achieve this look by wrapping pieces of the hair around a pair of small curling tongs or bendy rods, for a sassy yet voluminous hair full of curls.

Short and Tousled

From the look of having super curly/wavy hair, or even a combination of both, most women and even men will have all sorts of curl patterns to work with.

short curly hair cut pictures

Styling Details:

This very soft yet stylish look is a low maintenance cute and curly short hair cut.

One side of the hair is swept off to the side, but feel free to incorporate a either in the middle, or on the side. The choice will be absolutely up to you as either will look just as cute.

Short Quiff Top

short curly hair cuts

Styling Details:

Most general curl patterns will vary from big loose curls to really tight corkscrew looking curls.

The contrast of this hair being curly at the top and smooth on the sides, provides an appearance of sophistication.

Chunky Short Curls

short curly hair cuts for girls

Styling Details:

This simple and easy to style haircut has two segmentts of hair twisted on the side, and secured with bobby pins for holding.

A 1"inch pair of curling tongs can be used to produce this affect in a matter of minutes.

Short Corkscrew Curls

It is highly advised to examine the density and curl pattern closely before you or your stylist operate with the scissors.

short curly hair cuts 2011

Styling Details:

the appearance of perfectly styled curls such as these can very well be reffered to as corkscrew curls. Short curly hair cuts such as this one, can be acheived via setting lotion and curling rods, or a even a 3/4" curling iron.

Cutting Techniques and Results

Below are the many different ways that the look of short curly haircuts can be created, along with the end results they provide.

Razor Cutting: Applying the razor technique will produce a wispy, tousled, and messy sort of appearance when trimming curly hair. Due to the fact that curly hair already contains lots of texture, and some frizz, razoring will be one of the cutting methods to avoid, as this will often times generate more frizz.

Thinning: this cutting mode is known to remove unnecessary thickness also known as “Bulk”, when trimming curly or wavy hair, and can also be good for the reduction of frizz in which curly or wavy hair will generally contain.

Clippers and Combs: The clippers are best used on women with really thick course and curly hair. Cutting with clippers to achieve a very short curly haircut, such as the “Poodle Cut”, will be ultimate for this particular look.

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