short emo hair

short emo hair

Browse short emo hair and short punk hair cuts to express your emotions, and rock your way into punk mode, with a stylish punk haircut.

Being emo while maintaining a length of short hair has been one of the most popular looks of the emo style today.

Short hair and emo goes hand in hand, for the fact that it is much easier to cut and spike, as it is very popular, and quite animated once finished.

Using your short tresses to represent emotion will usually consist with lots of layering and playful colors.

short emo hair with bangs

This hairstyle has angled, shapeless layers which can be created with styling gel, and freezing spray, for maximum hold. Tease the hair by backcombing it for added volume.

This will make the hair stand up, giving it a dramatic, sharp and electrifying stare. Emo girls and boys with course hair will usually afford well when creating a stare of emo short hair. This particular hairstyle is created best on boys and girls with straight hair.

Long Emo Bangs

short emo hairNever leave out the bangs when styling the tresses of your emo short hair. The majority of emo kids will always include a bone straight or angular cut fringe.

The fringe (bangs) is typically parted off to the side or either straight down into the front of their hair. The bangs will usually have a jagged and shaggy looking appearance to them.

Liberty Spikes/Mohawk

Though punk and emo hairstyles are very similar in fashion, punk tends to be slightly different in style with its wild and bizarre spikes.

punk haircut

Mohawk: Consist of both sides of your hair being shaved. Hair is left out evenly in the center of the head, beginning front to back, and spiked up using holding spray or gel.

Basic Hair Care

The upholding of short emo hair will be the trickiest of any other hairstyle, one could think of. It demands extra attention to keep them fresh, and living. Take knowledge of the following tips below to make the most out of your emo hair.

  • Routine trimmings at the salon This will keep the ends of your short emo hair looking neat and healthy.
  • Shampoo and condition every 2 weeks Shampoo and condition using a color enhancing shampoo. This will keep the bright highlights of your emo hair alive.
  • Celebrity Inspired

    Below is a list of celebrities seen with emo short hairstyles.

    Alecia Moore, Ashley Simpson, Tracey cyrus, Pete Wentz.

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