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Browse short hair wedding styles, in our dedicated gallery of wedding hairstyles for short hair.

Basic Styling Ideas

Short wedding hair can be styled just as gorgeous, as it would if it were longer in length. Many women have a tendency to undervalue the great potential when it comes to styling their short bridal hair. Below are some of the styling suggestions for short hair wedding styles, followed by advice on how to accessorize them the right way.

Two textured Crop

wedding hairstyles for short hairProvide yourself a more glamorous two-textured appearance with the look of this style. The idea of adding bangs can be very useful in other ways than just a matter of being stylish.

Adding a set of straight or either side swept bangs(fringe)will conceal the stare of having a large forhead, or even unexpectant hormonal acne/pimples, which are common in women across the forehead.

Very short Pixie

short wedding hairstylesA very short pixie with textured layers will you a stylish and subtle finish.

The side swept layered cut fringe(bangs)which it presents can merely be an option for you.

Women with the length of hair existing this short, will need very little finishing sprays to achieve a look such as this particular one. All it takes is a good talented hairstylist.

The end results will be a factor of how well the hair was cut and styled!

Messy Beach Updo

short hair wedding styles for beach weddings

This simple look is ideal for women with short hair which can be placed up in an effortless yet stylish, updo. The added starfish in this models hair can really set the vibe for destination beach weddings!

Hairstyles which requires the use of extra detailing such as the image below should be practiced with you and your stylist just months before the big day

Short Sleek Updo

short hair wedding styles pictures

The initiative of styling your hair just months before your wedding creates good practice, but taking the approach of having your hairdresser restyle it the day of your wedding, will take perfection to another level.

This will distinctly allow yourself the moment to determine if the short hair wedding styles you’ve chosen, will visibly suit your wedding dress, shoes, and accessories as a whole.

Practicing for any short hair wedding styles, will definitely promote a 98.9% of accuracy towards the look in which you demand.

Wavy Bob

short hair wedding styles with headband

The classical wavy Bob looks georgeous on women who have the right height and body type. Strapless wedding dresses are one of the most common gowns selected and worn with a classical bob.

Practice Your Look

One of the most trusted and recommended ways to prep for any short hair wedding style is to simply master it.

Like any event, most of us will arrange a pre-appointment consultation, with our stylist. This of course may not be a requirement for some occasions, but the idea of having a consultation should obviously never be optional for your wedding day.

Consulting Your Stylist

Meeting with your hairdresser is a great way to communicate exactly what you envision. This will make certain that you and your artist are both on the same page, as to what you wish to accomplish.Your stylist should be involved in just about everything that involves in your appearance.

Accessorize Smart!

These are a list of the appropriate hair accessories, which will best compliment the length of short hair wedding styles.

Tip: Make your selection according to the design of your dress. For instance, if a part of your gown is designed with pearls, then your accessories should include pearls as well.

Jeweled clips- are ideal for the look of very formal weddings. These can be scrunched or pinned in your hair, to convince the hair to stay in place.

Floral wreath- This particular head piece will be ideal for semi- formal or garden weddings. Its circular shape can be positioned on the forehead, or crown. This piece can be purchased designed with diamonds, pearls, ribbons, or other fabrics.

Tiara- this is great for brides who wish to give off a princess type look. This object is positioned on top of the head, and affords well with any designed gown.

Veil- This is an extended piece of fabric, connected to the head. The length is sometimes as long as the dress, or measures right at the elbow. Consider the design of your dress if wearing a veil. Any veil must compliment your gown, and end at an appropriate length. You do have the option of wearing this with, or without a headpiece.

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