short haircuts for curly hair

Finding short haircuts for curly hair or ideas for a short curly hair cut can be relatively challenging and often times discouraging for some women.

Bedhead Curls

short haircuts for curly hair ideas

Styling Details

This look is one of the very many short haircuts for curly hair that has an exception to using a brush.

Applying the brush lightly to dry curly hair will endorse volume, and a fluffy like texture.

This hairstyle is ultimate especially for women with shorter length hair. The end result has a runway/high fashion model type of stare.


short haircuts for curly hair and round faces

Many women are undecided and need assistance in choosing a good haircut that suits them best for their curly hair.

Styling Details

This two textured hair style can be very accomodating due to its versatility that it brings.

Its smooth precisely cut bangs and perfectly cut and styled curls can easily be achieved with setting lotion and one inch rods.

Voluminous Curls

short haircuts for curly hair 2012

A good stylist will reason that if a haircut is easy for you to sustain at home then the chances are great that you will be just as happy with your new cut, a week or two later.

Styling Details

This stylish and curly short haricut is created with lots of volume. many women are into the voluminous look as it creates not only volume and depth but also gives an appearance of style and attitude! Get the look by setting your hair with styling lotion and curling rods.

Tousled Curls

short curly hair cut

Whether your hair is already naturally curly, or you just simply have a special desire to imitate the look by incorporating them yourself, keep in mind that the solitary trick to styling curly hair is to add volume.

Styling Details

This look is great for women who have more of a wavy versus curly type of hair texture.

Incorporate volume at the crown, providing your hair with volume and depth. This makes the style easy to create and manage at the same time.

Thin and Curly

Styling Details

Create a stylish do in a matter of minutes on hair that exist thin. Cutting and curling thin hair that is short will be much less time consuming than coarse hair. Get the look by parting hair into small segments and curly them with your 1'inch curling irons, which is typically the ideal size for short hair.

The use of a head band to pull hair back and aaway from the face is a great look for women who are comfortable with their skin forehead and nose, as it will allow you to uncover and freely showcase the face.

Natural/Straw Curls

short haircuts for curly hair for natural curly hair

Naturally curly hair has a tendency to remain on the dry and frizzy side versus straight hair. This in turn makes it very difficult to choose a haircut that will suit you best.

Styling DetailsThis particular style is even sometimes referenced to as straw curls. Emulate the look of these curls with the use of actual drinking straws for women without naturally curly hair.

Though the style can be acheive with a curling iron, it is not reccomended. The use of straw and setting the hair with lotion that accomodates your particular hair type, and setting it with straws will be best.

Advantages vs Disadvantages

Before running to your local hair salon, and sitting in your stylist chair, be sure to closely examine the list of advantages and disadvantages, as well as available styling options, along with how to keep the maintenance up of your short haircuts for curly hair.


  • Fast and quite effortless to style
  • Curly hair provides its own body and volume
  • Short curly hair can be easily teased and scrunched up with styling gel to give it a messy casual stare.
  • Layers will provide the stare of curly hair with shape
  • Curly or wavy hair can be left dried to promote movement


  • Just like any short hair style, this look will require typical visits to the salon in order to maintain its original shape.
  • Women who have a natural texture of curly and thick hair will experience an appearance of having damaged, brittle, poufy like and unmanageable hair.
  • The styling of curly short hair will be more difficult than wavy hair
  • short haircuts for curly hair requires the use of more styling products for the creation of formal looks

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