Natural and Relaxed Short Hairstyles for Black Women.
Great for Transitioning and Prolonging Your Hair Until Your Next Relaxer!

Our non-celebrity short hair styles for black women are realistic and easy to craft. Rather you need something until your next relaxer, or a transitioning style from going relaxed to natural, we've got you covered!  

Roller Sets: Curly short hairstyles for black women created by Roller Setting is a popular styling option.

Curly short hairstyles for black women are easy to achieve. If your hair is at least 2-3 inches long, you can achieve a nice roller set with your short hair. All it takes is the combination of the right rollers, and your chosen setting lotion such as the classic Lottabody Setting Lotion diluted with water to avoid crunchy hair.

Some woman use fifty percent part water and the other fifty percent of the product shaken up in a spray bottle, but I've found even better successes when I only use about thirty percent of the product and the rest water. In other words to make things easier, the whole idea is to just add more water than product in your spray bottle.

Tight Curl Roller Set

Magnetic Roller Set on Natural 4a Hair

Perm Rods/Natural Hair

Finger Coils om TWA

Perm Rods on Natural Hair

Example of a Loose Curl Roller Set on Short Hair

Roller Set w/ Magnetic Rollers on Relaxed Hair

Curl Formers on Natural Hair

Flexi Rods on Natural Hair

Roller Set on Relaxed Hair

Pixies: The most Popular Short Hairstyles for Black Women ever...

A  Classic pixie is one of the most popular short hairstyles for black women and appears quite Bossy as it displays confident and strength in a black woman.  

If you already have an existing pixie or plan to make the big chop for the summer, allow the following styles and suggested products for use, AVOID Flaking and protect your hair from Reverting.

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Salon: Vanity Star Hair
Dallas TX 
Stylist: Tiffany

Pixie with a High Definition set of curls. Can be achieved w/ blue magnetic rollers and Lottaboddy setting lotion

Salon: Hair Goddess Artistry
Dallas TX
Stylist: Monique

Stylists: Ona

Monclair NJ

Stylists: Ona

Monclair NJ

Stylist: Mika Styles Me
Baltimore MD

Stylist: Vivki Lynn
Austin TX

Beauty Inceptions
Boston MA

Salon: The Krew International
Allen TX

Sharp and Piecy looking pixie, Can be created w/ a spray wax

Stylist: Vivki Lynn
Austin TX

Stylist: Vivki Lynn
Austin TX

Salon: She Salon
Atlanta GA

Bobs: A Short Bob is a Classic and Stylish Option for Black Women and Short Hair.

Another one of the classic and trendy short hairstyles for black women is a traditional Bob look. I love bobs because they are very versatile within its styling options you can do so many different things with them, rather your relaxed, o natural. Allow the following styling inspire you.

Picture of a Bone Straight Bob with Zero Curls or Waves

Bone Straight Bob / Quick Weave

Picture of A Bob with slight feathering on the sides and flips

Slightly feathered Bob on Relaxed Hair

A Bob that has been styled into big loose curls

Roller Set on an Asymmetrical Cut Bob. Can also be produced w/ a 27 piece weave, quick weave, or your own hair. 

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Stylist: OnaMontclair, NJ

Stylist: Ona Montclair, NJ

Stylist:  Jaimarie Chicago, IL

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☶  Braid Outs: Produces a Wash & Go Wet and Wavy Look. 

Braid outs are simple. They require you to braid your hair, and be left in for several hours, or kept in overnight.

Once the braids have been unraveled, the results provides you with a wet/wavy or even curly look. 

A demand for braid outs have become very popular for black women, and in case you were wondering as to rather or not you can achieve them with short hair, the answer is YES, if you can at least grip your hair with your fingers.

some of the ladies have minimal shrinkage and some have none due braiding their hair dry using Zero setting lotion on little moisturizer.

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☶ Twist Outs :Twist Outs aka "Twist Sets", is Another One of the Latest, Trends for Black Women. This is worn most by Natural Women but Works for BOTH Natural and Relaxed Beauties.

This style requires the hair to be parted in different segments. The hair is then twisted using two thick strands per each segment you parted, twisting from root to ends. They can be twisted either wet or dry. 

If your short hair is long enough to grip and twist, then you can most certainly achieve a twist out. In case you were wondering, the answer is YES this technique is basically the same as the Braid Out except you will be twisting your hair instead of braiding. The end result typically gives off a "Curl" rather than a "Wavy" texture.  

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 Flat Twist(Side View)

Flat Twists

☶ Donut Bun(Updo)
A Donut Bun is one of the classic short hairstyles for black women and can make a great Updo for you next formal event.

If your short hair lands at least to the nape of your head, you can consider a donut bun as one of your styling options. Donut Buns will have the same characteristics as a weave ponytail and can be worn as an everyday hair style, or special occasion.

Be sure not to ditch the edge control and lay those edges. A good one will not wave up when exposed to humidity, will not flake or turn white, will not cause product overload, and will not be sticky. It will have a natural light sheen that will not make your hair look greasy or plastic looking like Asian hair versus healthy smooth African hair.

I highly recommend Hicks edge control. I swear by this product as I am 100% all natural and when I slick some of my edges down with this, it has stayed smooth from the time I leave in and out of the house in the morning to run errands on high humidity days until I got back home literally almost eight hours later.

My mother actually thought that I had put a relaxer back in my hair after years of not having one, so imagine what it can do for you ladies with perms. I've tried every brand out there such a Murrays Beeswax and other 's but I have yet to see any other edge control with this many perks that suits both Natural and relaxed hair.

You can find Hicks Transformations Edge Control on Amazon.

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Jama Williams Salon

Woodland Hills, CA

Stylist: Mi Nique Banks

Lansing, IL

Photo:Haute Sheek

Stylist: Shquae Elise

Los Angeles, CA

Stylist: Porsha Nicole

Los Angeles, CA

☶ Ponytail (Hair Piece) 

If your hair is at least 4 inches or 3 inches long at minimum, you can style your hair into a weave ponytail.

Ponytails are ready made hair pieces or kanekelon hair which is the hair that's used for braids or stuffing buns and french rolls.The ready made ponytails are usually synthetic hair which comes pre-styled already.

The hair is wrapped around your real hair after it has been molded and or brushed up into a ponytail. Works on Natural and Relaxed beauties. 


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Beyonce Ponytail in the "Upgrade U" Video ft. Jay-Z can be created with Kanekelon Hair used for box braids. 

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