short layered bob haircut

A short layered Bob Haircut pictures, and ideas will be the ideal hair style for the woman in search of a wash in go type of look.

The Bob haircut was introduced into the fashion scene in the late 1920s, as it expanded once celebrities and the media influence the trend more as the century went on.

Type of Bobs

Below are of some of today’s most commonly ways to wear your short layered bob, which have been witnessed upon women of all ages.

Women with thinning or fine hair can utilize this style to reduce the appearance of having thin hair as the combination of layers incorporated into a short Bob, is great for providing shape and volume onto the head.

Graduated and Layered

short layered bob haircut photos The graduated short layered bob haircut, is some what similar to the asymmetric cut, which is usually shorter in the back than in the front. The graduated bob gave the original classic look another twist. It’s basically the same bob, just with another name.

The layering of a short bobs will have the benefit of transitioning the style into a variety of many different style options.

You can incorporate spikes into your Bob and give it an electrifying punk rock look, or even place waves to give it a wet and wavy type casual or formal looking appearance. This can all be done with the same hair style.

Jaw Focused Bob

short layered bob haircut pictures

The look of this short layered bob haircut will stop right at the line of the jaw in length, followed by tapered cut layers to place the focus on the neckline. The angled bob is great for softening the face; some stylist will make a blunt cut along the sides. The angled bob can also be great for softening the face as well.

Layered hair can also look short and choppy with the use of the right products. Before making the attempt to achieve any short layered hair style, always be sure to blasts dry the hair, with the blow dryer, to give it texture.

Achieve this by turning your head forward, and running your fingers through the hair. Doing this will give it a looser free form of movement.

short layered bob haircut

Boxly Shaped Layers

This is one of the most popularized and unique ways to layer Bobs. The short layered Bob can also me trimmed assymetrical which provides maximum shape and volume. An assymetrical cut, will appear longer on one side versus the other, and is very versatile, with styling options.

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