short wavy hair styles

short wavy hairstyles

short wavy hair styles will provide direct and natural glam to your tresses. The look of short wavy hair is often witnessed amongst many celebrities, as they make their appearances on the red carpet, or any other honoring and celebrity affair.

Short and wavy hair will be ultimate for the maintenance of just about any hairstyle for an extended period of time.

Due to the simplicity of its very easy to curl texture, it produces great curly short hairstyles as well.

We’ve revealed some of the various ways for you to achieve short wavy hair, along with the different styles of waves, its advantages, and optional styling products to create them.

Types of Waves

short wavy hair stylesBeach waves:

Are very loose and aquatic styled. This unique and popular wave can be challenged by simply adding mousse to your wet hair after a shower.

Style it!

1. Lean forward flipping your hair down and apply a dime size drop of styling gel.

2.Scrunch with your fingers and distribute evenly throughout the hair. Proceed by sectioning the hair into large braids of four.

3. Allow it time to dry with the blow dryer or sleep with the braids overnight and unravel the next morning, to achieve the look of short wavy hair.

wavy short hair stylesShort Finger waves:

This popular and short wavy hair is a trend from the 1930’s. Attain this look with styling products such as gel, pins, your fingers, and a fine tooth comb.

Style it!

1. Begin by applying the gel to your damp hair, and distribute it evenly, combing the hair down to the nape.

2. Secondly, place your index finger across the top of your head, and comb strands of hair to the left, securing it with a pin, placing your finger right next to the previous wave and repeat, by moving the comb to the right and place a pin. Continue this pattern as desired.

3. Finish, by either blow drying your hair on low heat or sit under a dryer, and release the pins.

short wavy hairShort Curly waves:

Can be achieved with a ½ inch or smaller flat iron.

Style it!

1. Approach this look with fresh clean hair. Begin by clamping the hair with your flat iron.

2. Slightly curl the roots and coordinate with a half turn.

3. Continue by sliding it all the way down to the ends, and curl with a slight twist.

TIP: Be sure to get as close to the roots as possible without burning your scalp.

Short Pin curl waves:

Create these short wavy hair styles, with bobby pins, setting lotion and a flat iron. Begin with frizz free hair, while lightly misting it with setting lotion. Next, dehydrate the hair through blowing it out with your hair dryer. Starting from the bottom up, roll small segments of hair up into pin curls. Continue by securely and comfortably pinning the bobby pins onto your scalp.


Sexy wavy short hair styles are definitely in this season. Here are a few of the perks to wearing short wavy hair.

  • Has a natural appearance to having body and easy to be flat ironed
  • Less styling time required
  • Combined layers provides even more movement for hair that is naturally short and wavy

Celebrity Short Waves

Here are lists of celebrities, which have been spotted sporting the sexy look of short wavy hair styles.

Milla Jovovich, Victoria Beckham's, Marion Cotillard, Rashida Jones Calista Flockhart, Meg Ryan, Alexis Bledel

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