High Fashion Trendy Short Hairstyles

Find trendy short hairstyles and trendy new short hairstyles, to achieve the stare of the desired short trendy hair you wish to have.

What’s hot and what’s not for your short tresses has been, and will forever be all the rage in today’s billion dollar hair industry.

From everyday realistic trends to very sleek and chic artistic type modeling styles, we are sure to introduce to you some of the latest and most popularized ideas for trendy short hair styles with a high fashion fresh off the runway sort of vibe!

Cap Cut Style

trendy short hairstyles Styling Details:

This style is precisely trimmed into an all around one length silhouette, which is similar to the shape of a cap cut looking bob. A portion of the hair is left slightly longer torwards the back. Achieve this style using the "Blunt Cutting" technique for a bone straight look at the ends.

Textured Crown

short trendy hair Styling Details:

The detailing of trendy short hairstyles will give you a glamorous yet neat and well groomed appearance. Its tapered sides will facilitate the look of texture and height at the crown.

short trendy hairstyles for 2011 Styling Details:

This striking crop has a retro sort of vibe to it. Its straight across precise cut bangs will be ideal for women with a prominent forehead.The sides consist of a of a small flip curled outwards. Achieve this with a large curling tong to create an incomplete curl to produce its flips.

Very Artistic and Trendy

These trendy short styles are very unique and different from the average every day styles. You will often witness some of these extraordinary short trends upon women who either work at a hair salon, and feel the need to try something new and trendy, or at an industry event, such as a hair show upon the heads of participating women who are the actual hair models.

trendy new short hairstyles

trendy short hairstyles for summer

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