Elegant Updos for Long Hair

Find updos for long hair, and discover how you can self style some of the most cutest long hair updos for your High School prom, weddings for both the bride, and the bridesmaids and even formal events such as a dinner engagements.

Women with long hair are usually the best candidate for the creation of a long hair updo.

The idea of having your hair pinned up and away from the shoulders will give yourself a very elegant, classy and yet tasteful appearance to any social and formal event.

This young lady had a look of long blended bangs cut precisely across the forehead, along with bouncy curled layers around the face.

Her stylist created a modern long hair updo, by pinning her pre styled tresses up into a fashionable updo.

A faux braided head band was placed to make it more stylish.

 This striking up style is best referred to as a half up half down look.

The hair was blow dried sleek, and freely curled with a curling iron at the bottom.

The top was back combed to create height at the crown, and secured with bobby pins to assure placement.

Score this easy yet beautiful do it yourself look at home.

The stylist of this young woman has dressed her hair up with a face framing stare of side blended bangs, and a few long layers towards the front, all pulled up into an elegant updo to make it more versatile.

This is one of the updos for long hair that many find very alluring due to its modern crimped texture.

Placing hair that is crimped into a fashionable updo, will provide body and shape.

This makes it easy to manipulate the hair into staying in place when gripping.

Creating a long hair updo with a front bun with a neatly styled braid on the side looks, exceptionally fashionable and can be worn as an everyday look.  

This style requires some setting in the back to get those perfectly tightly looking coils in this image.

A stylish mussed up look appears effortless, chic, and somewhat electrifying. The all over mussed up hairstyle, allows you to bring out the colors of your locks and works well on women with thin hair. 

It’s easy to do look makes it good enough for any event without looking as though you’ve worked too hard.

This chic, yet tonged, and tumbling looking up do gives a person with long hair a well groomed appearance in the front.

Tuck the bang back behind the ear is optional for a more framed face.

The splendid cascade of tightly formed spirals in the back, gives off the perfect compliment for a nice evening gown.

An offset bun gives one of the most classic styled updos for long hair a real twist.

The hair was placed up into the traditional styled bun, but positioned to one side closet to the front versus the back.

The added accessory provides the look with a more modern-day conventional style.

The creation of braids when styling updos for long hair, provides interesting texture.

Approach this look by simply braiding the hair down the side in a circular like position, and finish with a bun at the bottom.You can also produce this look by not only braiding, but twisting or tucking as well.

 An Asymmetric (sideways) looking updo can appear very modern, quirky and retro all in one.

Finger roll hair at the top from the ends to the roots, and secure with bobby pins, and hair spray to assure placement.

Give your hair a combination of a half vintage yet modern look by simply backcombing the top segment of your hair, and securing it with a stylish looking clip or accessory of your choice.

 Add a small amount of straightening balm to the bangs and bump it with a big barreled curling iron.

Double the fun with the look of a two style bun.

Create this dual sculpted look, by smoothing the top half up into a high bun towards the hairline and securing with an elastic band, and repeating with a smaller segment of hair on the opposite side.

Be sure to use a piece of your hair to cover the elastic band. 

Long hair updos such as this classic and effortless hair style gives you the ability to frame the face by leaving a few strands of stray hair on both sides.

For women with a nice long attractive neck will have the ability to define it more. 

Teasing is key to achieve a beehive look this big. A half up half down hairstyle is ideal for woman in need of finding updos for long hair.

Achieve this graceful look by backcombing as much as you can.

Smooth out the bottom and tuck it underneath with Kirby’s (bobby pins) for a double textured look.

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