very short haircuts for ladies

Very short haircuts for ladies and or womens short hair cuts are great ways to revamp your look. Very short hair cuts land above the ear in length and is considered to be one of the shortest hairstyles that a woman can attain besides the daring and bold move to go bald. The length of what’s considered very short may be medium to others and short to you.

Styling Ideas for Very Short Hair Cuts

Very Short Pixie

very short haircuts for ladies

This is one of the popularized and most common very short haircuts for ladies.

The haircut is very low-maintenance, and requires less styling time and less hair product.

This haircut affords well with most facial shapes, though women with an oval shaped face, can wear it best.

Women with broad shoulders should avoid pixie haircuts, those with narrow shoulders can totally pull the pixie cut off.

One Length Bob

womens short hair cuts

A one length bob measuring above the ear is another option when choosing a look of very short haircuts for ladies.

Short bobs are not always worn at mid length on women; some women like them very short, though the look is very rare, and may also be worn just for a special occasion.

Short and Shaggy

short hair styles bob

An all around head full of shapeless cut layers, will be ideal for women in the search of very short haircuts for ladies.

You or your stylist may incorporate layers on the back and sides, and create them to where it frames the face.

Many stylists will utilize a blow dryer and a round paddle brush, just to persuade the hair into the desired position.

Bald and Beautiful

 very short hair cuts

Believe it or not, bald and beautiful is becoming one of today’s most hottest ways to flaunt your hair. Bald is not only the shortest, but is also the closest and most complete shave a woman can reach.

Today people view it as being very artistic, and daring, while there are a few celebrities to blame.

Celebrity inspired haircuts such as model Amber Rose veiwed in this image along with R & B Singer such as Solange Knowles, and Cassie are some of the names of just the few celebrities responsible for really bringing the look in amongst women, as the three of them wears it very well.

Consulting Your Stylist

Many women have a fast tendency to become inspired by styles they witness upon celebrities or other women in general. Be sure to consult with your stylist regarding the style you wish to attain.

A good hair stylist will get in depth as to what it really is about the hairstyle on the picture in which you adore so much. Doing this will allot yourself time to choose wisely and really examine closely.

Pictures and the way other women wear their hair style can be very tricky. It could simply be their level of confidence and attitude that a woman can have when sporting a look of very short haircuts for ladies. Many women don’t realize until after they’ve made the cut that what they really liked about the picture in a magazine, was the way she wore her makeup.

As bizarre as it may sound, unfortunately it’s the hard truth. Your stylist will be able to discuss if you even have the right texture, length, and even volume to pull off your desired look.

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