very short haircuts

Very short haircuts, and super short hair cuts, also known as haircuts above the ear, are one of the most stylish and low-maintenance hair styles that a woman can have.

Aside, we’ve provided a list of things to consider, before you compromise the length of your current tresses. Utilize this as your checklist, and discuss this with your professional hairdresser for a better understanding.

The list will allow you to really consider, where this new hairstyle might take you, and what it will do for your everyday routine. Feel free to print this page, and keep it with you.

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Things to Consider

  • Lifestyle: consider as to whether or not your new cut will suit your everyday way of life for both work and play. Is this hair style suitable for the type of career you hold, and can you were it to formal events or just a regular night out and still wear it stylish? Choose wisely.
  • Age: Whichever haircut you choose to pull off, it should always be age appropriate. There are a number of very short hair cuts, which are cute and yet stylish, though many of them will have a very sophisticated look which can put the appearance of having a young woman look a few years older than her actual age.
  • Body Type: Consider your physique as well before committing to a very short haircut. Tall women should avoid very short haircuts, as it has a tendency to make the face appear smaller, resulting in the body to look out of proportion.
  • Styling Time: Consider the amount of time you will have to maintain the haircut you wish to accomplish. The good news is that many of the very short haircuts, are already low maintenance, and requires very little styling time; this in turn will be ultimate for the average women on the go.
  • Budget: Consider your budget by adding the cost of bi-weekly trips to the salon. Just like any short haircut, the style begins to lose it shape, and develop the look of split ends overtime. Therefore, regular trimmings at the salon will be crucial to keep the hairstyle looking fresh, neat and most importantly healthy.
  • Face shape: recognize and understand the shape of your face. Is your face squared, round, oval, heart-shaped, or long, which is referenced to as the Oblong shape. Depending on how short your hair is, there are various ways to either lessen or put the focus on different parts of the face, when styling super short haircuts.

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