“Super Sleek Very Short Hairstyles That Are simple to Style yourself  ”!

Browse very short hairstyles, to accommodate your super short hair. Our recommended very short hair styles, will be perfect for women with hair length just above the ear. Hairstyles that appear very short in length approves well in comparison with round, and oval shaped faces.

See the latest trends just below.


Pictures of Styling Ideas

Although this particular length will be the easiest to uphold, and the least costly to be styled, it’s styling options remain very small. Accessories will be your best friend, as they will make up for the minimal amount of styling selections you have.

The pictures below, are common styling suggestions that people have worn with their very short hair.

You can also take note of simple styling instructions to create a quick yet, stylish Do it yourself hairstyle with the picture on the right.

Short ang shaggy

This very short crop will be best for hair that exist highly textured with tons of body.

This particular style has a very versatile feature as it allows you to slick your hair back for the production of an extreme dramtic stare.

Short Pixie

A very short pixie hairstyle, is a unique familiar style amongst women with very short hair.

This trend appears shortest in the back and on the sides.The top is usually no more than a half of an inch, to one inch long.

The use of scissors for trimming the top, and clippers for shaping the back, and sides will be a necessity.

Bone Straight

If your hair is in a healthy state, you can show off shine and condition of your very short tresses with this bone straight look.

Many stylist will apply straightening balm or something similar to achieve this do!

Consider a Wig......

If you've found yourself on this page becuase you're considering sacrificing longer hair that you currnetly have now, I suggeset trying a very short wig similar to how you may want to wear your new cut.  

Wear it for weeks and see how you adapt to it and others who are around you everyday.

Styling Products

Below are some of the necessary hair products required to achieve a stare of very short hairstyles. Some very short styles, will vary based on the hair texture and trend. Be sure to check back regularly for pictures containing its styling specifics.

  • Volumizing shampoo and Conditioner
  • Mouse
  • Moldable Cream
  • Gel
  • Spritz/holding or freezing spray of some type

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