Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Browse wedding hairstyles for long hair such as updos, long ponytails, half up and half down long hair wedding styles.

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For a last minute wedding date, you can give yourself a fairytale look with a loose fishtail, placed off to the side.

Positioning the braid this way gives a natural bang that appears to be swooped on both sides near the cheekbones, right where your blush is placed.

This way you can avoid cutting your hair for side bangs. You can make it all an illusion

This is one of the very many wedding hairstyles for long hair that appears medium in length due to its tightly curled side swept ponytail.

The smooth front gives a groomed look to balance the curls.

The top was backcombed to add height which is ideal for a round face, while the smooth front is great for masking a high forehead or sudden acne.

Half-Up Half Down

This particular long wedding look is all about its strikingly iced colored highlights.  

A half up and half down look with plenty of detailed texture near the back is ideal for women who may have concerns about the skin condition on their backs, as body makeup should not be placed near the dress.

The beehive on African hair can be created with the one dollar Kanekalon Jumbo braiding hair sold in most beauty supply stores that caters to African Americans.

This is used for stuffing the crown rather than backcombing to produce height.

The diagonal cut bangs frames the face and gives a youthful look, while the added curls gives a balanced two texture look.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair such as this look can easily be created on either curly or super straight hair.

The slightly back combed crown barely adds a half inch of height. This will draw the hair up and away from the face.

Great for women who wish to uncover their face and soften the neckline with its cascading curls.  


A long wedding hair style such as this one is very versatile in length therefore, the tighter the curl the shorter the hair, and the looser the curl the longer the hair will appear.

This look can be created with a set of tightly coiled rollers or styled with a small barrel curling iron.

Create a long loose romantic wedding hairstyle that appears striking when dressing the hair with a Tiara.

The top has large sections of twisted hair rolled down, and secured with bobby pins.

A few wispy strands of the hair can be left out for the purpose of framing the face if desired.

Rather it’s on a beach in a church or backyard.

A simple wedding look with plenty of detail in texture affords well for just about any wedding theme.

The hair can be parted in any direction, but should be placed on the side, versus the middle to avoid the focus of a prominent nose.


 A doubled bun updo, is one of the wedding hairstyles for long hair that can be done with your own hair for women blessed with long tresses this thick.

Those of you, who were not don’t fret or skip to the next hair style.

A skilled stylist can easily create this look with hair extensions or hair pieces

The hair is brushed to the side and pinned into a stylish back-do. Thick segments of hair is left out on the opposite side, and rolled into thin pin curls.  

White floral bobby pins with pearls in the middle, were placed for style and holding.

This color looks gorgeous on brunette brides with olive skin tones.

This updo is one of the long hair wedding styles that requires a little bit of setting which results in more time.

The very front was backcombed from roots to mid length, to get the beehive effect.

A smooth layer of hair was used to cover the top.

Practice this style before the big day, to wear it comfortably. 

There is nothing more classic and elegant than the choice of a cinnabun shaped updo for your long wedding hair.

This is one of the wedding hairstyles for long hair that women with slim figures and a great necks, should definitely opt for, as it affords well for any neckline designed gown.

photo by Chris String

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