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Most womens short haircuts are precision cuts, and will need trimmings every three to four weeks. Allow our pictures, cutting tips, and techniques to guide you best.

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Flared Cut Bob

womens short haircuts for round faces

Women in thier early 20's and even late 30's will afford well with the look of this flirty flared Bob. The ends are left straight with a slightly yet smooth outwards bend to it.

The side swept (fringe)bangs sets the style off by giving it flavor to the overall look.

Spiked Pixie Cut

womens short haircuts with bangs

Women adore a demanding yet stylish cut pixie. This particular pixie isnt your regular look. The stare of this pixie appears very unique due to its spikes and flat bangs(fringe).

Most classic short pixies appear on the more business and professional side, but this one can be worn for an elegant social event, or even a special night out on the town.

Precision Cut Bob

womens short haircuts precision bobThis perfectly cut bob is considered a prescision trim, due to its accurately bone straight ends.

Many women will option for an all purpose hairstyle, which will suit just about any career, event,or lifestyle you live, and this particular stylish short bob can be one of them.

Applied Cutting Techniques

The fine skill of hairstyling is the idea of understanding the various types of cutting techniques, and how each of them are applied.

Graduated: graduated womens short haircuts will appear short at the nape, and progressively lengthens around the crown. Any time you hear your stylist refer to the word, “Graduated” just means that the hair appears one level in length, and progressively becomes longer in other areas of your hair. This particular cutting method is great for the intent of accentuating curves throughout the head.

Texturizing: which is sometimes referred to as,”feathering” is performed with your regular hairdressing scissors, which will generate the stare of having a combination look or having more of a textured style which is typically used for the creation of short layered haircuts.

Freehand: The freehand cut is typically used on women with naturally curly and afro hair. The haircut is identified as freehand because it’s generally performed without the use of a hair comb. This specific cutting method will be ideal for customizing a style on naturally curly hair, providing it with shape.

Blunt Cutting: also known as Club Cutting is used for the creation of styling womens short haircuts that appear one-length. The haircut will appear to be a bone straight, blunt and precise cut trimmed, straight across. Your stylist will seize a portion of your hair using his/her index, and the forefront of your fingers along the cut, until reaching its preferred look. This is ultimate for women with short thin hair.

Slide Cutting: is best used for taking the bulk out of women with thick course short hair. Your stylist will perform this cutting method while the hair is dry, but simply gliding the scissors across you tresses rather than closing them to give it a soft look.

Razoring: Is used with an actual razor versus the scissors. Razoring is ideal for the production of tapering, creating softness, and motion allowing the hair to move freely.

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womens short haircuts with highlights

womens short haircuts

Cutting Tips

Growth Patterns: On average, the human head will grow over 100,000 hairs that are not always grown out equally or in the same direction.

Depending on how skilled or high end of a salon you choose to go with, a good stylist will examine the growth pattern closely before operating the scissors. This prevents you from forcing the hair to lay or behave one way.

If the hair is forced to rest into the opposite direction of its natural hair growth, the hair will bounce right back into the opposite direction of where you wish for it to lay.

Hair Texture: Your stylist should inspect the texture of your hair, just to be sure that your desired cut will even compliment the texture of your natural hair.

Face Shape: Considering the shape of your face is essential for aiding you in the assistance of knowing which facial features you wish to secrete.

Stylist Note

Communication with your stylist is key before making a commitment of styling the look of womens short haircuts. Disclose as much information that you can to your stylist to achieve maximum results. If you wear glasses every day, bring your glasses into to your stylist so that he/she will cut accordingly.